Grab Supraland, Beloved Indie Puzzle Adventure Game, On Steam Before The Sale Ends

Grab Supraland, Beloved Indie Puzzle Adventure Game, On Steam Before The Sale Ends
Credit: GP GameTrailers via YouTube

We can all agree that one of the best parts of Steam is the constant deals that appear every now and then. You’ll manage to find some amazing games at a hefty discount on a daily basis, and that’s the case for the next two days. Supraland, a beloved indie game that has made massive waves since its release in April, is up for grabs now!

Supraland is an incredibly charming adventure-puzzle game that describes itself as “a mix between Portal, Zelda, and Metroid.” Players adventure around a giant overworld to fight monsters, upgrade their abilities and solve puzzles to progress throughout the relatively short game.

It quickly became a cult favorite and currently sits with overwhelmingly positive reviews and a 10/10. This distinction becomes even more impressive when you realize that the game was made entirely by one person, David Münnich, from the ground up.

The game’s trailer begins with a bit of a tease, comparing it to the sizeable maps of other games such as Fortnite, Skyrim, and Grand Theft Auto Five before zooming in on its own map, which is only nine square meters. The quaint game takes place in a toy-sized universe as you fight through baddies with a variety of weaponry, from laser guns to wooden swords.

As you adventure you earn enough money to venture back to town and upgrade your abilities, as well as buy new ones. Not all of these are combat-centric, and combat is easily a smaller fraction of the game in comparison to exploration and puzzles.

The game has earned massive amounts of renowned in the back half of this year. It’s highly touted by notable review journals such as GameSpace and Rock Paper Shotgun, where author John Walker named it their game of the year.

Due to the success, Münnich started a Kickstarter campaign for a sequel shortly after. The campaign was funded within a short period of time to its first goal, with 1,247 backers pledging €28,083 towards the development. This was an especially poetic moment, as the Kickstarter for the original Supraland went almost completely unnoticed and landed far away from the donation goal.

If you aren’t able to get Supraland while it’s on sale, a free demo is available to see if the game suits your style. Either way, the game isn’t unspeakably expensive, and the purchase will go towards funding Supra Games’ future efforts as they help to enrich the indie gaming scene.