Brawlhalla Is Coming To Mobile Devices Next Year Bringing The Free-To-Play Game To A New Exciting Platform

Brawlhalla Is Coming To Mobile Devices Next Year Bringing The Free-To-Play Game To A New Exciting Platform
Credit: Brawlhalla via YouTube

Brawlhalla has had a long life on console and PC as the go-to free-to-play fighting game. It plays similar to Super Smash Bros. if Super Smash Bros. was full of 2D characters wielding personalized weapons in a platformer world. It has had several epic crossovers, including Hellboy, Adventure Time, and much more.

The game is now doing another epic crossover, but instead of characters being added, Brawlhalla is moving onto another platform. Sometime next year, this game will be reaching players on the mobile market, which is a big move for this adorable chibi looking fighting game.

Brawlhalla current hosts a community of 25 million players across all its platforms. It is designed for online play and has over forty unique legends. This game is a battle for glory in the halls of Brawlhalla.

This is much more than simply a button-mashing game combat game. It is a test of skill, speed, and strength. Each victory brings you closer to glory and gives you instant bragging rights over the loser.

Brawlhalla is littered with powerful weapons and gadgets that you can use to destroy your enemies. Swords, axes, hammers, blasters, rocket lances, and much more are available for you to use. Every weapon requires a different play style so you can find the perfect fit just for you.

If weapons are not your thing, the gadgets will be as they give you access to mines, bombs, and spiked spheres to lob at your enemies. Even the most skilled fighters can fall prey to a well-timed throw and a carefully laid trap.

Play online ranked 1v1, 2v2, or four-player free for all as you battle for supremacy over your foes. The game can also support local games for a couch coop experience or local tournaments so you can your friends can settle who is the greatest warrior in the room. With this and many other awesome game modes like Brawlball, Bombsketball, and assorted party games, this will no doubt be a hit in the mobile market.

You can sign up to be one of the first to play on mobile at the official Brawlhalla website. If you want an early look at what is to come, the game is available on the Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. They do plan to support both iOS and Android devices, so keep your eyes open for any other announcements about this upcoming release.