Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Snow Effects Further Enhance The Weather Realism

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Snow Effects Further Enhance The Weather Realism
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the more authentic flying sims you could play today. Asobo Studio meticulously built its world and the weather systems within it. Whether you’re flying across clouded areas or starting your flight with a beautiful sunset, this simulator continues to improve in the realism department.

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And now, the game officially has snow effects that couldn’t have come at a better time. The winter season is still in full effect and what better way to enjoy it in Microsoft Flight Simulator than with some fresh powder on the ground.

It further enhances this game and takes weather realism to the next level. The update is completely free and just goes to show how dead-set the developer is on continuing to improve an already great game.

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You can see blankets and blankets of snow in the trailer up above, which were shots captured using real-time 4K. The high-def snow effects really come through, even when miles above in the air.

The snow really gives Microsoft Flight Simulator a majestic feel, like you’re living out your dreams as a pilot going through some winter wonderland where anything is possible.

Now that snow has been added, it makes you wonder what else Asobo Studio has up their sleeves. They could follow it up with more seasonable improvements to the weather so that realism up in the sky is even more impressive and keeps you guessing.

Along with this holiday update was the addition of VR. It seems to be going over pretty well, further immersing players in the role of pilots. It took a while for Microsoft Flight Simulator to come out, but now that it’s available and has momentum, it has only gotten better with time.

Hopefully, as we move into the new year, that trend continues as to keep fans in suspense and excited about this game’s future. Asobo Studio are off to a good start already as is pretty clear in the trailer above.

The weather systems have been a huge part of innovating this series and making it even more spectacular from a visual standpoint. It’s also amazing to see the amount of resources that went into designing how the weather works in this game.

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The systems are built around gathering data and using analytics to predict weather. That has gone over pretty well for the community thus far, and snow is just another reason to celebrate its dynamic design.