Leaked Battlefield 6 Trailer Is Likely An Older Trailer Or A Proof Of Concept

Leaked Battlefield 6 Trailer Is Likely An Older Trailer Or A Proof Of Concept
Credit: DICE via YouTube

If you haven’t seen it already, a redditor has leaked the supposed trailer for the upcoming Battlefield 6, the latest addition to the franchise set to arrive in late 2021.

Here’s the place to check it out (please be careful, this video is flashing all over the place.)

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I watched it so you don’t have to put up with the terrible quality and flashing images. It’s clearly not a complete trailer. This low-quality clip hardly lives up to the general vibe of what DICE does really well: its release trailers. There are some missing assets in there, some dodgy textures, and next to no branding except the (pretty much covered up) Battlefield logo at the end.

But, this low-quality mess does give players a bit more understanding of what to expect from the next Battlefield game. It’s clearly a modern game. Those multi-rotor helicopters weren’t flying around the battlefield of the Somme, that’s for sure, and it’s more likely to be one set in the near future.

There are some epic set pieces like you’d expect from a Battlefield trailer, including a massive rocket/missile launch. It even looks like there’s some sort of robot dog? A bit like one of those Boston Dynamic Robo-doggies that will eventually overpower the human race. Yeah. They’re in this trailer. Other than that, this is just one big set piece, a rocket taking off, some soldiers getting blasted to pieces. Sure looks like Battlefield.

The actual reveal for Battlefield is expected to be just right around the corner – they said June, they said June! – and this trailer doesn’t look like the sort of thing that will get released as the reveal trailer. Compared to the work of art that was the original Battlefield 1 trailer, this thing barely scratches it.

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What is exciting is the general return to the modern setting. The helicopters (you get a glimpse of inside a cockpit), the armored soldiers, and the expansive map at the start that I SWEAR looks a bit like Wake Island…Battlefield 6 might be the worst kept secret of any game this year, but who cares? The hype is building.

If you want to stay spoiler-free, I wouldn’t recommend watching the trailer. The finished piece will likely be a lot better, there’s not much to see, and the video will give you a headache.