Faeria Is Coming To PS4 This November Bringing With It Its Unique CCG Action

Faeria Is Coming To PS4 This November Bringing With It Its Unique CCG Action
Credit: Steam XO

Faeria comes from Belgium-based developer Abrakam and US publisher Versus Evil. After originally launching earlier this year, the game is now porting to PS4 as of November 3rd, 2020. Faeria is making a big step in its progression as this port will open cross-play across multiple platforms bringing its CCG action to a wide community of fans.

This title is a unique living game board where players will raise mountains, build forests, fill lakes, and harness deserts during a game. Players will have to manage cards, boards, resources, and more as they try to strategically outmaneuver all the other players.

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The game gets even more exciting with these multiple DLC bundles. Faeria originally launched back in 2017 for PC on Steam, and since then it has maintained a Very Positive status bringing a unique board game experience to fans across the world.

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This is a true strategy card game, unlike any other title. Players will need to build powerful decks and shape the battlefield throughout the match to fit their needs. Choose your own path to victory in this unique title.

There are no micro-transactions for packs. Players get to buy everything with in-game coins earned through the solo campaign, draft mode, PVP mode, and more. The developers instead earn money through DLC packs which simply extend content.

This game does come with over 100+ hours of solo content. Explore coop missions, solve puzzles, and explore a wide world of challenges. This is a journey to travel through as you defeat World Bosses and master the core of this unique title.

The game doe includes a draft mode allowing players to test their deck building skills. Play against the AI or even PVP in live lobbies and earn rewards based on the performance of your deck every round.

The developers revolve around their work around the thriving community. All of their content is shaped by a player’s opinion from the Discord channel to the subreddit. Their welcoming group of players is there to help newbies, advise veterans, and share experiences.

For the competitive fan, this game does include an active ESports scene with prizes, tournaments, and more. Gain free loot by competing in officially recognized tournaments.

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Faeria is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This title supports full crossplay across all platforms allowing the community to become one whole melting pot of players in a beloved fantasy world of magic, mystery, and mayhem.