Saviors of Uldum, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Will Be Launched In August

Saviors of Uldum, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Will Be Launched In August
Credit: Blizzard

In August Hearthstone will be introducing its new expansion to the ever-growing series: Saviors of Uldum. This is the middle section of a three-part expansion series that are thematically linked together. Rise of Shadows was the last one, and players will be happy to see that Saviors of Uldum brings back some familiar characters and new mechanics. The expansion is set to launch on August 6 bring a whole new list of cards to the game.

The expansion takes place immediately after Shadows where the villain Rafaam and his League of Evil stole the floating city Dlaran. They piloted the city over a desert known as Uldum where the League of Explorers have gathered to stop the League of EVIL’s plan.

The League of Explorers is made of a four-person group that includes Reno Jackson, Elise Starseeker, Sir Finley, and Brann Bronzebeard. As usual, the expansion brings new mechanics to the game, including a new keyword: Reborn. This ability brings minions back to life with one remaining health the first time they’re destroyed. The Priest, Shaman, Warrior, Warlock, and Rogue will receive powerful Plague type spells that will impact the battlefield in massive ways.

For the first time since the Journey of Un’Goro expansion, Saviors of Uldum will be bringing back Quests. These are one-cost Legendary spells that always start in your hand and give players a goal to pursue as the game progresses. If you complete the goal, you gain a big reward, but this time rather then generating a card back to your hand the quest reward will trigger automatically.

Blizzard has officially promised familiar mechanics that players might have missed will be returning to the game soon as well. The expansion is bringing 135 new cards to the game and will be allowing pre-purchases for some bonus content. The standard $50 bundle will include 50 packs and an Elise Starseeker card back along with a random Golden Legendary. The mega bundle worth $80 will consist of 80 packs, the previously mentioned card back, some random Golden Legendary and an Elise Starseeker Druid hero portrait for your profile.

If you log in within the first 90 days of the event, you can gain a free random quest card for your deck. The single-player portion of the expansion will be launching in September. When Uldum officially launches the Arena will include basics, classics, Saviors of Uldum, Rastakhan’s Rumble, Journey to Un’Goro, Kobolds & Catacombs and the League of Explorers.

Players wanting to open their packs early can attend a pre-release Fireside Gathering between August 2-5.