Community Member Makes Bloodborne Patch On PlayStation 4 Reach Past Arbitrary 30 FPS Lock

Community Member Makes Bloodborne Patch On PlayStation 4 Reach Past Arbitrary 30 FPS Lock
Credit: FromSoftware

Now that 2020 is finally coming to a close, hopefully with easier times ahead of us all, it’s safe to state that no one is looking for 30 frames per second on any title in libraries.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Solitaire or Tetris, an absolute minimum of 60 frames per second has finally reached the new norm, screams about eyes seeing only in 24 FPS finally falling on deaf ears after it’s been disproven far more than necessary.

In spite of this, FromSoftware never readily offered a patch that brought Bloodborne, the PlayStation exclusive title in the Soulsborne genre, quite up to snuff; no matter what, you’re stuck at 30 frames per second and the title feels atrocious for that, for many.

Enter a community member by the name Lance McDonald who has released on YouTube a patch he created that pushes the engine past the 30 frames per second, into 60 frames per second.

Granted, it isn’t monumental, but it’s also a far cry from 30. Lance states that he’s running the title on a PlayStation 4 Pro, meaning that the new technology has the power necessary to push the title into a more acceptable framerate, despite FromSofts refusal to do so.

As with every time we’re discussing modding a console title, you will need to be able to run unsigned code which typically points to needing a console to be hacked; a frustrating obstacle to navigate for many console users.

Yet before you reach for the nearest handy guide on cracking the PlayStation 4, Lance also posits that he isn’t willing to offer the 60 FPS patch to the community until after Sony and FromSoft has had an opportunity to leverage the new PS5 power with the title; in the event that developers are planning on revisiting, he’s not necessarily eager to incite the ire of billion-dollar corporations.

Lance states within YouTube that this is done ‘out of respect for PlayStation’ that he’s waiting until Sony has ‘made it clear whether or not Bloodborne will be enhanced on the system in any way’.

This does give fans a bit of wiggle room, however, as intelligence is almost always worth its weight in gold: Bloodborne can run on the PlayStation 4 Pro at 60 frames per second, as the above video proves, and to state otherwise is dishonest.

Whether or not this information proves any value in later discussions and conversations has yet to be seen, but the remaining question is clear: will Bloodborne ever see the 60 FPS that the system can offer to fans?