The Rumors Of A Remaster In Horizon: Zero Dawn Have Enraged Fans Of The Dark Fantasy Beast-Slaying Game Bloodborne

The Rumors Of A Remaster In Horizon: Zero Dawn Have Enraged Fans Of The Dark Fantasy Beast-Slaying Game Bloodborne

Fans of Bloodborne are understandably upset that PlayStation and FromSoftware have kept them in the dark about the rumored impending Horizon Zero Dawn remaster. Fans of FromSoftware’s games have long wished that Bloodborne would get the same upscaled treatment and PC adaptation as the first few games in the developer’s Dark Souls series, which have remained incredibly popular despite the passage of time.

Unfortunately, despite fervent fan demand, neither Sony nor FromSoftware has announced plans to release a Bloodborne remaster.

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FromSoftware made significant progress with Bloodborne in 2015. Bloodborne would mark the first significant deviation from the combat mechanics established by 2009’s Demon’s Souls, focusing primarily on aggressive melee rather than various defensive and ranged options.

The more brutal and Gothic the world of Bloodborne is, the more the fighting reflects that. Considering Sony’s recent remastering binge and the remastering success of Dark Souls 1 and 2, players naturally anticipated an improved port of Bloodborne. Unfortunately, after seven years, there still hasn’t been a new version of the game released to the public.

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According to a Kotaku post from just a few days ago, some Bloodborne fans are furious by the alleged PS5 Horizon Zero Dawn to remaster or remake. Although 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn is a terrific game in its own right, the announcement that it will receive an update instead of the older game, Bloodborne, has understandably angered some of the dedicated audience of the more senior match.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Horizon is available on PC, too, while Bloodborne still isn’t. Popular YouTuber and voice actor Yong Yea reportedly had some choice words to say about the news on Twitter, asking, as reported by Kotaku: How are we prioritizing a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster/remake over oh, IDK BLOODBORNE or any number of titles from PlayStation IPs that have been dormant for far too long?” Possibly, Sony has found it “far easier for first-party companies” to create remasters than to deal with FromSoftware at present, Sony Santa Monica writer Alanah Pearce speculated in answer to Yea’s inquiry.