Bloodborne Players Confused By New PlayStation News

Bloodborne Players Confused By New PlayStation News
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Fans of Bloodborne are at a loss to make sense of the recent PlayStation report. For a long time, players have expressed interest in a PC port, remaster, or remake of the FromSoftware action game. Unfortunately, PlayStation hasn’t done anything to even begin responding to these demands, even though they’ve been made repeatedly. While some fans of the Bloodborne series still hold out hope, the most recent PlayStation-related developments may be too much for them to bear.

It was claimed earlier today that PlayStation wants to rebuild the 2017 title Horizon: Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 5. This new version of the game appears to be very similar to the recent PS5 remake in The Last of Us Part 1, albeit details are scarce. Because of this, the game’s graphics, textures, and lighting will be considerably enhanced and resemble those of the sequel, Horizon: Forbidden West.

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Some players took to social media shortly after this news surfaced to express their confusion over why PlayStation would choose to rebuild Horizon: Zero Dawn instead of Bloodborne. Bloodborne is the older of the two games, and almost no one in the PlayStation community has been asking for a remaster of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Even more so, Horizon: Zero Dawn is already playable on PC.

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While Bloodborne enthusiasts are used to being disappointed by this point, the possibility of a PS5 remake of Horizon: Zero Dawn seemed to send them to the brink of hysteria. The continuous pleas from fans make it appear like Sony isn’t listening at all. However, it needs to be seen if Bloodborne will ever get remastered or redone.