An Unmodified Fallout 4 Save With NPC Homes, A Bank, Businesses, And More

An Unmodified Fallout 4 Save With NPC Homes, A Bank, Businesses, And More
Credit: IGN

Without resorting to mods, one Fallout 4 player has built an enormous metropolis in the game’s construction mode. The workshop provides a central location for repurposing abandoned goods and enables survivors to build communities out of materials they find in the waste. Using the game’s building mechanic, some players have created incredible structures, including a post-apocalyptic skyscraper.

Even while the community management mechanics built around these settlements are frequently seen as superficial, some inventive survivors of the post-apocalyptic game have found methods to utilize the system to bring to life astonishing creations. For large-scale projects, the crafting system necessitates careful planning and organization of resources, especially in the absence of creative modes or mods.

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Although players prefer Fallout 4’s building features, the Settlement feature was added to the MMO Fallout 76. Additionally, the CAMP system has been utilized to create incredible things, such as a recreation of BioShock’s Rapture.

In Fallout 4, a player named Orange Squeasy constructed an entire city, which can be viewed on their YouTube channel. Everything from a hospital to homes to a cafe is available in this large metropolis. You can reduce the game’s build limit by strategically dropping weapons and storing them in workshop mode, as seen above, to adorn each room.

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The nearly 60-minute video tour of the city includes commentary detailing several attractions’ development. For example, ammo boxes were made by simply dropping ammunition on the ground, food was grown in-house, and crop sites were strategically dispersed to give the impression that residents were foraging for food as they moved about the settlement.

Unfortunately, because the maker didn’t want to employ any mods, they had to rely on flaws in Fallout 4 to get the job done.

An unknown is right at home in Fallout 4’s decaying wasteland. Using whatever resources one has at hand to restore what was lost or reconstruct an ancient civilization fits in nicely with the franchise’s overarching themes.