Overwatch Halloween Update Brings The Same Event With A Few Fancy New Skins

Overwatch Halloween Update Brings The Same Event With A Few Fancy New Skins
Credit: PlayOverwatch via YouTube

If you happened to tune into the ungodly timeframe that the Overwatch League Grand Finals was broadcasted in, then you likely caught a brief snippet of the upcoming event.

The Halloween Terror is once again visiting Overwatch, running from October 13 until November 3.

In terms of content, if you played it once, then you’ve played this; Junkrat tires, zombies, RoadHog, and a small part of Eichenwalde as the stomping ground as we’ve seen every year since 2016; some fans are becoming a bit sour at repeated events from Blizzard while they’re content to do little more than offer a few new skins.

Fans of Counter-Strike may very well understand the pain that some are experiencing.

Yet in spite of the event being the exact same as it has been the past four years, the skins are actually pretty delicious; thankfully you can grab them using any available coins instead of needing the Overwatch League tokens that Blizzard has struggled with this year.

Speculation has arisen that the events have been repeated with no changes as Blizzard is making new content to go into the PvE mode of Overwatch 2 that has been rumored to appear when Overwatch goes free to play; the rumors have not been verified of any important presence.

In the event that the content is being recycled every year for the developers to work on Overwatch 2, it begs the question of whether the same will occur for Overwatch 2, where the developers disappear from the title in an atrocious state to begin work on Overwatch 3, leaving players again with recycled content.

It’s worth noting that Genji has yet to receive a Halloween skin, but there are still two legendary skins to be revealed by Blizzard, and Genji, everyone’s favorite cyborg ninja, could very well finally receive one of his own skins. Other characters have received multiple legendary Halloween event skins, such as Reaper and Ana, further adding to the detrimental piles of salt aggregating on forums since the event’s announcement.

With the simple price tag of a few in-game tokens, players are likely beefed up on more tokens that they could possibly want unless they’re a new arrival to the title.

Even if you’ve played Halloween Terror to death when it first arrived, as it was understood at that time that events would constantly be fresh and exciting, it might not be the worst idea to hop in and pop a few heads to let off some steam. It’s bound to be better than visiting the forums at the moment.