Overwatch Begins Their Annual Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 Event Today, Shows Zenyatta Standing

Overwatch Begins Their Annual Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 Event Today, Shows Zenyatta Standing
Credit: PlayOverwatch via YouTube

After a stunning San Fransico Shock 4-0 sweep against the Vancouver Titans in the Overwatch 2019 Grand Finals, that highlighted the newest shield-spam meta brought about by Sigma, their newest released hero, Overwatch players have been anxiously awaiting the next content update. Whether new heroes, maps, or events, one simply cannot deny the impeccable polish and testing applied to incoming content for the team-based shooter.  That wait ends today, in the anticipated Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 event, that will run from October 15th to November 4th.

The graphic announcing this year’s Halloween event prominently displays Dr. Junkenstein, the Halloween skin for Junkrat, while also showing the previous arena for the 2016 Halloween event, a dark night enshrouding Eichenwalde point B.  This alludes to the idea that, once again, heroes will be battling the evil waves of Dr. Junkenstein as he attempts to infiltrate Eichenwalde keep.  A standard addition to these annual holiday celebrations is limited-time skins that are available through Overwatch’s skin market, where players can spend the coins they’ve amassed through loot boxes to outfit their favorite heroes.

This is what has the internet abuzz about this current event; Overwatch has teased a new Zenyatta emote that allows him to walk.

Zenyatta, the damage-dealing healer that centers around the idea of Yin and Yang, or balance, has hovered precariously over battlefields around the world for years now, supporting his team and only occasionally participating in the erroneous flank.  Reaching meme-like status as players of the game have requested to let Zenyatta walk, it’s truthfully little more than an inside joke that Overwatch developers themselves have participated in.

Nonetheless, the idea that the stalwart Overwatch developers continue to plug away at refreshing and enjoyable content amidst the current scandal and controversy that blankets Activision-Blizzard in regards to Hong Kong, shows some semblance of normalcy continuing behind the scenes, even while the social media experts are pulling out their hair.  Arguably, this is most important for Overwatch, of all IPs that Activision-Blizzard currently owns.

  Overwatch League begins its third season early in 2020, with the individual teams hosting the league around the world, in their various home cities.  There have been various reports that the HomeStands that are slated to span the third season of Overwatch League, as they’ve been labeled, being plagued with difficulty in terms of team profitability, exhausting travel itineraries for the pro players and casters, and multiple concerns in regards to technical plausibility, and one could see how the next season of the Overwatch League could hang precariously in the balance as Activision-Blizzard struggles to maintain their current player base.