Faeria Will Be Available For Free On The Epic Games Store Later This Month

Faeria Will Be Available For Free On The Epic Games Store Later This Month
Credit: Faeria via YouTube

If you’re a PC gamer, you know how great of a platform the Epic Games Store is. Every month, users have free games to look forward to. So just by visiting this store every month, you have the chance to build up your collection free of charge. The store is offering another free game later this month in Faeria. If you like collectible card games with a turn-based design, then it’s definitely worth checking out.

The game has been out for roughly three years, and even still, it’s one of the better offerings in this space. That has a lot to do with the board you play on being highly interactive. There are so many things you can do from a strategic and even visually standpoint, such as building forests, filling lakes, and even raising mountains. Seeing your handiwork play out across these beautifully detailed boards is something to behold.

The developer — Abrakam  SA — also has made it to where you can collect a lot of cards quickly. In fact, it is said you can collect all 300 in a little under 50 hours. That’s a pretty novel design for this genre. At first, the sheer amount of cards may seem a little intimidating. After multiple games, though, you’ll start to see the bigger picture and be fully capable of being strategic with their placement.

What’s also nice to see with Faeria is there aren’t any expensive microtransactions. Rather, you can earn everything by simply playing the game. It’s not often we see publishers take this approach. Usually, they want to sneak in these microtransactions any way they can as to earn more of a profit. By Abrakam SA holding out on them, it shows they’re committed to giving gamers just amazing experiences. They deserve a ton of credit in that regard.

There are a couple of modes that you can check out depending on the experience you’re looking for. These include solo and draft modes. The solo portion is filled with a bunch of content that lets you go toe to toe with some pretty incredible bosses. The draft mode lets you either play against the computer or other players. Either way, you’ll have the chance to take everything you’ve learned and apply it in intense matches.

Faeria is a pretty incredible experience that has mostly all positive reviews on other platforms right now. You can’t go wrong picking it up later in the month.