F1 2020 Has A Free Trial Out Now On Both The Xbox One And PS4

F1 2020 Has A Free Trial Out Now On Both The Xbox One And PS4
Credit: F1® Games From Codemasters via YouTube

If you’re into Formula One racing, then the F1 series has been clutch these past couple of years. It features some of the most authentic racing experiences around, with high-stakes action and incredible mechanics to keep you busy learning.


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F1 2020 is Codemasters‘ latest project that has been out since July. It’s one of the most in-depth installments to date, featuring jaw-dropping visuals, authentic controls, and a bevvy of tracks. If you haven’t yet checked it out but have been interested in possibly picking it up, then today is your lucky day.

Right now, there is a free trial going on for the game on both the Xbox One and PS4. For no money, you can take F1 2020 out for a spin and see what the game has to offer. The trial doesn’t include the full game mind you, but there is enough to get a feel for how it plays.

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A huge aspect of this latest installment is the split-screen support. That is available in the trial for players that want to race with one of their friends. It has to be local though because online racing is not supported in the trial. Nor is the career.

However, one of the modes available that might make this trial worth downloading is the My Team mode. It allows players to choose a team and teammate, where they can then go on to race in Melbourne, Australia.

The Australian Red Bull test track is also available, which players can use to refine their skills. Jumping into any F1 game can be somewhat intimidating for new players considering the refined movements they have to master, such as angling just right when going around sharp corners.

For these players that check out the trial, a casual handling mode is available. It’s a more user-friendly experience that should help players that are getting frustrated with the game’s mechanics.

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The free trial for F1 2020 seems like a great way to see what Codemasters has done to innovate the long-running series. You’ll get to check out a couple of noteworthy features and modes and can then decide for yourself if the racing simulator is worth pursuing.

As far as authentic details and adrenaline-pumping action, it’s hard to beat. The high skill ceiling gives you a lot to do and becoming competent with the mechanics is highly satisfying. You can experience all of this in a limited capacity right now for nothing.