Cosmodread Is Heading To Steam And Oculus In March

Cosmodread Is Heading To Steam And Oculus In March
Credit: Steam XO

Cosmodread was announced almost a year ago from White Door Games as a horror VR project. Now, the studio has announced that the title is only months away from release on PC VR and Oculus Quest headsets. This unique title is designed in a classic horror experience as players are put on board a dying spaceship.

This VR experience offers a fully interactive adventure that is designed to frighten players. Grab handles, open doors, rifle through cupboards as you make your way across the ship. Using what you find, scrounge up weapons and hope that they can defend you against the unknowns found within.

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Enter into a unique survival horror roguelike that puts a new meaning into lost in space. This is a dying spaceship filled with nightmares, and you must use it to find your back to Earth and survive. Cosmodread is not for the light-hearted as it is a fully immersive horror experience.

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Trapped in a spaceship, power is low, and the entire environment is slowly dying. You must explore to survive, and the fear and dread don’t help. This is a unique title with tense, immersive touches that will make you forget that it is only a game.

Scavenge for resources on your quest to return home. Every time you play, the spaceship changes layout with random positions for rooms, corridors, items, and hazards. Different solutions every time, so it is truly an adventure into the unknown.

Using your hands, open doors, and draws and interact with the environment. This is a game about crafting, surviving, and scavenging. The VR controls put you right in the danger, so prepare for anything that could be behind the next bulkhead.

This is not a passive horror game, as you will have to fight to survive. Crouch behind cover, shoot enemies with your crossbow, set traps, and try to take out the danger. Remember tho, resources are scarce, so every bolt fired is one that may not return.

This title is still under development, so expect changes prior to the final release.

As for the audience, this is a horror game, and so it will contain some adult themes. Depending on how you feel about adrenaline, fear, and the unknown, this title will either be highly enjoyable or completely unplayable.

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Cosmodread is available on March 25, 2021, for Steam and Oculus Quest audience members. White Door Games plans to work on the title post-release and make it an even better experience for fans.