Maritime Calling Brings Players To A Roguelike Seafaring RPG Later This Year

Maritime Calling Brings Players To A Roguelike Seafaring RPG Later This Year
Credit: Steam XO

Tiamat Games has announced their seafaring roguelike experience Maritime Calling for PC later this year. The title will place players into the captain’s seat of a sailing ship, and allow them to challenge the new frontier of the ocean. Explore a thriving archipelago during the age of exploration as you take to the seas and follow a calling of danger and adventure.

Maritime Calling is a unique title that puts players in charge of their crew, destination, and adventure. As an RPG, players will be able to manage all aspects of their ship and must ensure that their crew stays happy and the ship stays in top shape. It is not an easy mission or quest, but it is one that can have great rewards to those who can conquer the sea.

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Journey to the high seas and take over a crew of unskilled peasants in this comprehensive simulation experience. Meet the hardships and excitements of running a ship while your journey to unknown lands. Maritime Calling is every sea enthusiast’s dream as it opens a new world of accessible navel travel.

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Take direct control of your ship from the sails to steering as you slowly make your way across the sea. Avoid shores, rocks and other dangers as this simulation will capsize ships captained by unperceptive individuals.

The world is diverse and procedurally generated. Interact with different styles of islands, reefs, shoals, and stormy regions as you explore the unknown. While onboard, it is important to manage your ship’s crew and make sure that their moods stay positive and that the ship stays well supplied.

Your crew is made of diverse characters that add an RPG flair to this experience. Each has their own traits and attributes, and you will be forced to solve petty conflicts that develop between them.

Chart the lands, lead expeditions, and find luxury resources as you claim new worlds in the name of your country. As you go inland, solve a mystery and gather resources as you take on interactions with the suspicious natives.

This game is a play at your own speed experience that only evolves if you want it to. Customize your ship at your own leisure, and enjoy your time exploring the open waters of this strange world.

This is a good title for players of all ages. It does include some piracy, but generally speaking, this title stays within the means of a simulation environment.

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Maritime Calling is set to release on Steam in Q3 of 2021.