Amazon’s Upcoming MMO New World Has Been Officially Postponed Until Spring Of 2021

Amazon’s Upcoming MMO New World Has Been Officially Postponed Until Spring Of 2021
Credit: IGN via Youtube

Well, we saw it coming by a country mile but we might as well make it official here as well: Amazon Game Studios have officially delayed the upcoming MMO New World, eyeing a new release date for spring 2021.

Rich Lawrence, the Studio Director at Amazon Game Studios, states in a Twitter announcement that while they’re proud of the work accomplished thus far within the title, they feel as though there’s a bit more they can add to ensure that players are ‘completely immersed in the game’ and that they understand that their studio stands for ‘quality and lasting gameplay you can trust.’

You know, the same studio backed by a juggernaut of commercial shopping that released Crucible, the game that flopped so hard on launch that it went from ‘released’ to ‘closed beta’ in a month.


It’s likely that Crucible struggling valiantly to maintain traction with gamers is a large reason that Amazon Game Studios is getting cold feet about their upcoming MMO, in a time when MMO’s are losing traction themselves.

A flop on New World immediately after Crucible failed to generate any long-term concurrent users would be a death-bell to the studio in the eyes of many critics, deeming them as novelty developers: a title that AGS is likely to not want to be ascribed to them.

So now, it’s like neither of them has released; notably, New World has put out very little content to let players understand what to expect from the title other than another bland MMO that has players flitting around expansive maps of general nothingness while completing fetch-quest #8,467 for NPC #3,241, using abilities 1-10 in standard rotation. It sounds so fun!

Goofs and gaffes aside, however, this title could be a make or break for Amazon Game Studios, and it’s clear that the backer of the studio has deep pockets. Whether we get Crucible or New World released first is anyone’s guess at this moment, as neither title has seemed very promising from its limited time within the spotlight.

This isn’t the first time that New World has been delayed, either, leading many consumers that were originally excited about a new MMO to eventually move on to other, available pastures.

Amazon Game Studios assuring consumers that the Spring of 2021 will feature the ‘final beta test’ of New World is being met more with derision and mocking rather than the typical smattering of acknowledgment and understanding. Looks like we’ll all need to wait a bit longer to figure out if AGS can release something of merit before the studio goes belly-up; they’ve failed to release anything of merit in the years that it has been up.