PC Port For Earth Defense Force 5 Is Now Available, Another Chance To Experience Some Cheesy Bug Shooting Fun

PC Port For Earth Defense Force 5 Is Now Available, Another Chance To Experience Some Cheesy Bug Shooting Fun
Credit: D3 Publishers

Earth Defense Force 5 is the most recent addition to the long-standing series. The general concept of the game has remained consistent over time as you play as the defenders of Earth and fend off an alien invasion. The game is finally getting its PC port allowing PC gamers a chance at some bug blasting fun.

The game has been developed by D3 Publisher and is sold through steam. Earth Defense Force 5 has been on PlayStation 4 since late last year and is slowly spreading to all the consoles. While no official PC release date was available during its launch, many are happy that it eventually made it to the PC platform.

The game did take half a year to port over to PC, but many consider this a fairly reasonable amount of time. Many fans are happy to have the option of PC as many want to try and get their favorite cult insect-exterminator game onto their favorite platforms. The game has been called an arcade shooter and keeps its run and gun feel through most of the franchise.

The year is 2022, and the Earth Defense Force is fending off an attack from unknown alien life forms. You play an EDF soldier and must battle against endless ever-increasing hordes of enemies in an attempt to restore peace to the Earth. For any fans of bug smashing action games or Starship Troopers Earth Defense Force 5 is a must-have for your collection.

The game brings the first humanoid aliens to ever be in the series. The enemy is an intelligent, extraterrestrial civilization known as the Primers. These hyper-intelligent foes bring depths of despair to those who fight them so you must face this enemy with wisdom and courage if you want to win the war.

The game is packed with guns, aliens, and a challenge for gamers new and old. It even includes online co-op play so you can bring your friends along on your battle to defend the Earth. This will be the first game to feature online co-op in the series and hopefully will be a permanent feature as the series continues to grow.

The game features giant bugs, huge guns, and giant mechs as you blast, punch, and fly your way through the battlefield. There are four classes available, and as you advance through the story, new ones become available. You are the first, last, and only line of defense against the alien invasion.

The game can be bought on Steam for $59.99. It already has tons of extra DLC content available for those who wish for some special gear, and each pack is priced at a low $2.99.