KeyWe Is A Chaotic Puzzle Experience Headed For Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch Fans This Summer

KeyWe Is A Chaotic Puzzle Experience Headed For Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch Fans This Summer
Credit: Steam XO

Publisher Sold Sout has released a new mail-room puzzle experience that is chaotic, adorable, and efficient all at the same time. In KeyWe, players work in a mailroom as two Kiwis. Run around, package mail, type telegrams, and more in a chaotic co-op experience that is driven by animal-based action. This game will challenge any player’s ability to multitask and handle stressful environments as the chaos only gets more intense in later levels.

The stars of this unique title are two small kiwi birds named Jeff and Debra. They have just been hired to a mailroom and they must work to send urgent messages, and maintain their jobs, despite changing environments. This title is targeted at Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch fans looking for a new coop puzzler to enjoy.

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Jump, flap, peck, and more as you try to work in a whimsical post office environment. This is a unique opportunity to use your bird powers and interact with a world of levers, bells, buttons, and more. KeyWe is a postal puzzler and only the most dedicated post office workers can survive the heat.

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This is a perilous postal environment with seasonal hazards, never-ending challenges, and more. Only through teamwork can you succeed to pass each objective and continue the functioning of this massive post office operation.

You do get to add accessories to your kiwi as you unlock new items throughout the game. While purely cosmetic, it does add to the cute factor and can spark some minor competition to being the best-dressed bird around.

While this is a coop game by design, players can enjoy it in a single-player mode. Simply put, you must control both kiwi birds with a single controller to experience the solo mail adventure.

Otherwise, bring a friend and enjoy the silly hazards and problems that occur in the postal environment. Flock online, or bring a friend to your couch as you take on postal challenges throughout the office.

Overall the game is designed to be fun and interactive. While it is a challenging experience, the wacky and cute flavor takes the stress off and makes it a puzzle rather than a challenge. Enjoy the shifting environment, crazy bird adventures, and more as you sit back and become a kiwi.

This is a great game for all ages and can be used to teach cooperation in siblings and family members. Enjoy being a kiwi, and let the mail run in shine, rain, snow, or desert.

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KeyWe is set to release later this year on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.