Fall Guys’ Season 3.5 Update Introduces A New Level And Variations To Existing Levels

Fall Guys’ Season 3.5 Update Introduces A New Level And Variations To Existing Levels
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Fall Guys was the hit multiplayer of 2020. It came out of left field, but once gamers got the chance to check out its non-stop battle royale action, they haven’t looked back.

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Even in 2021, in continues to draw a large fanbase. The developer has kept supporting the game with frequent updates to keep gameplay experiences going smoothly despite the ample activity it continues to receive.

We are now approaching the Season 3.5 update, which according to developer patch notes that came out just recently via Twitter, is bringing a lot of great content for even more incredible battle royale experiences.

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Probably the top addition in this mid-season update is a new level. There aren’t any official details out right now highlighting what it will include and look like, but the developer has a good track record at keeping players on their toes. You can bet there will be a lot of great obstacles and surprises in store.

In addition to this new level are variations to existing levels. That should bring about added novelty even for players that have enjoyed Fall Guys since it originally released back in February of last year. The variations will include new obstacles and new systems that players will have to get familiar with.

So if you have stuck around Fall Guys and have itched for grander challenges or just something brand new, Season 3.5 Update is definitely worth looking forward to. There are other things coming in this mid-season update as well, such as a new DLC pack and costumes.

Fall Guys is already a pretty chaotic game. You have to go up against many others, completing levels until only one remains. Now that the levels are being changed up for greater novelty, players will have to rethink their strategies if they want to come out the victor in every race and challenge.

It’s nice to see new costumes too, such as Sonic and even Godzilla. The latter is actually pretty appropriate considering Godzilla vs. Kong was just teased. It has a lot of gamers in the community pretty stoked to see two iconic titans finally coming to blows.

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This upcoming update shows Mediatonic is continuing to take Fall Guys in the right direction. They have a successful hit, but they’re still set on satisfying community requests and making gameplay as good as it can be. If you care about Fall Guys’ future, then this mid-season update is very promising.