Fall Guys Is Getting Some Awesome-Looking Doom Costumes Starting January 12th

Fall Guys Is Getting Some Awesome-Looking Doom Costumes Starting January 12th
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Fall Guys was one of the standout surprises of 2020 in the gaming community. It highlights the best aspects of party play online, where players go through unique obstacles and fun challenges level after level until only one remains.

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It’s a great concept that the community has really taken to since Fall Guys released back in February of last year. Another standout feature in this online multiplayer is the costumes. There are a ton to choose from and that’s great for players that enjoy personal customization.

Players can make their characters unique in endless ways with the bevy of costume choices that seem to keep growing and growing with every month. Well, some pretty awesome new costumes are coming to Fall Guys on January 12th. They’re Doom-inspired too, featuring some demons and of course, the Doom Guy himself.

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Doom Eternal was another amazing release last year and what better way to celebrate both games than to see this Fall Guys Doom collaboration come together. It’s always great when this happens because it’s essentially bringing two fanbases together to celebrate great video games.

You can get a sneak peak of the costume designs up in the trailer above. They’re pretty spot on from the costumes in Doom Eternal, although they’re much more family-friendly because that’s pretty much the central direction Mediatonic took with this online multiplayer.

Still, the Doom costumes are pretty awesome-looking and should give Fall Guy fanatics just another reason to celebrate this fun and addicting game. We’re just starting 2021 and it looks like Mediatonic wants to keep Fall Guys’ momentum going strong.

They have a lot of great elements to build off of. Maybe we’ll see other costume collaborations in the future? One thing is for sure. Fall Guys is the place to be if you want to compete head to head with others, going through unique challenges and enjoying some pretty hilarious physics-based principles.

Fall Guys is just one of those games you can continue coming back to, still having fun trying to win at all costs. Cheating has been a pretty big problem since launch, but the developer is doing everything they can to curb it and improve experiences for players that want to stick to the rules.

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If the developer continues to improve the game and bring forth noteworthy content updates, then the sky is still the limit for this beloved multiplayer that now has a huge following.