Mediatonic Offers Fans A Sneak Peek Video For The Upcoming Fall Guys Season Two

Mediatonic Offers Fans A Sneak Peek Video For The Upcoming Fall Guys Season Two
Credit: DevolverDigital via YouTube

No one should be surprised; Fall Guys has taken the world by storm and it appears that there will be no shortage of incoming content as Mediatonic stay geared-up to continue to bring exciting new mechanics and costumes for fans of the chaotic party-brawling battle royale gameshow.

Season two is just around the metaphorical corner, and Mediatonic (with the help of publishing partner Devolver Digital) has pushed out a video that offers a sneak peek at some of what Season 2 will contain for fans.

In short, we’re going medieval as we hop over each other to scramble for the crown, and it doesn’t look half bad either.

With medieval/fantasy costumes and the courses taking a few design elements from medieval life (such as drawbridge) and medieval fantasy (swinging axes standing in the way of a gauntlet), Mediatonic has offered a glimpse at how the future of the season could very well play out, and that they’re absolutely not short of ideas for future seasons.

Presuming that following seasons similarly look at a specific time period and incorporates those specific elements into play, there is an infinite amount of content just waited to be assembled and explored by the suddenly-beloved developers; from hopping across Viking ships to sprinting through a dystopic cyberpunk future, time is their oyster and content the pearl.

Further, that would continue to help bring about costumes as each season would have its own clear-cut designs. Here’s hoping that Mediatonic doesn’t take the Marvel’s Avengers route and try to sell ad space to every corporation in the world, resulting in everyone running around as verification cans.

Mediatonic states that they’re still putting the ‘finishing touches’ on the content that will be included in Season 2, and aren’t necessarily ready to commit to a release date.

The first season is going to offer a vital look at content production within Mediatonic, and it will similarly set the assumed schedule for the following content. As Fall Guys has released officially on August 4, 2020, the idea of pushing out a new season every month sounds daunting at best; more so considering the size of the studio.

There is currently speculation that it will be delayed until late September to stymie any over-ambitious patterns being presumed by fans; Mediatonic has not officially commented on this.

Whether you’re in the camp of loving Fall Guys‘ antics, or if you’re staunchly opposed to bright colors and having fun, one thing is certain: Fall Guys isn’t going anywhere for a long time.