Doom Eternal Is Now Available To Rip And Tear On The Xbox Game Pass For Console And PC

Doom Eternal Is Now Available To Rip And Tear On The Xbox Game Pass For Console And PC
Credit: id Software

Microsoft has brought Bethesda (and parent company Zenimax) into its fold; a maneuver that could prove to be fantastic in giving Bethesda an arguably needed push to fine-tune their titles a bit more, and rely on the community a bit less.

This, coupled with the Xbox Game Pass, is what Microsoft have chosen as their defense against Sony while the console shenanigans are eagerly continued and fanned by roughly fifteen people on Twitter that are indelibly convinced that the console in their living room is the pinnacle of human achievement in 2020.

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Anti-consumerism aside, PlayStation will still receive Bethesda titles on its platform, but now the first-served will be the Xbox Series X/S, and with it means that the PC users will likely benefit a bit from Microsoft making bolder moves recently then they have in the past.

The unsavory E3 experience where Microsoft boasted the ability to monitor how many people were watching a movie, and then charging account holders if it detected too many faces, aside.

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This is being seen with Doom Eternal coming today to the Xbox Game Pass on both consoles and PC for the low cost of a subscription that can currently be gained by a whopping $1, and ultimately is one of the best deals in PC gaming (if not console) that has been seen in quite some time.

Fans can explore the wonderful experience of ripping Hell’s minions apart limb from gruesome limb while steadily rocking out to a franchise that has long boasted one of the greatest OSTs in recent memory, buffed further by a slew of patches that ironed out some unsavory kinks that early purchasers had to suffer through.

Like the bizarre experience of id Software opting to implement Denuvo Anti-Tamper into Doom Eternal which made the title unable to boot for many users, and resulted in a litany of refund requests until id Software finally capitulated on adding an intrusive form of anti-cheat to a primarily single-player title.

With blistering fast action that can run up to 1,000 frames per second on the PC (be warned it’s difficult to go down after you experience high frames), crisp visuals, and the most modern rendition of Doom Guy beating the hell out of Hell, it’s difficult to argue that there is anything else you should be doing with your weekend if you haven’t explored Doom Eternal as of yet.

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Further considering that the Xbox Game Pass actually allows titles to be installed and then used locally, instead of streaming (which tends to offer a severe latency rendering multiple titles almost unplayable), and it’s a powerful offer that Microsoft is currently proposing to gamers.

A total of four additional titles were added onto the Xbox Game Pass for PC today, with HAVEN, VA-11 Hall-A, and Yes, Your Grace rounding out the inclusions.