Doom Eternal’s Second Major Update Is Now Live, Adding A New Map And Adjusting Empowered Demons

Doom Eternal’s Second Major Update Is Now Live, Adding A New Map And Adjusting Empowered Demons
Credit: Game Informer via YouTube

Doom Eternal has now been out since March. Since its launch, it has gone on to receive a lot of positive reviews for its non-stop action and noteworthy advancements to an already popular series.

Playing Doom Eternal is a very demanding experience, but one that leaves you highly satisfied after chaining kill after kill. It can best be described as a symphony of destruction, with epic metal music playing in the background.

It’s about to get even better too thanks to the second major patch, which is now live on all platforms. So what does this patch improve upon and what new elements can players expect? Let’s take a deeper look right now.

Starting off, there is now a new map called Torment for Battlemode in multiplayer. Based on trailers from gamers who’ve already been enjoying this update, Torment seems to focus heavily on close quarters combat.

The area isn’t massive and that just means even more high octane action. There are different sections that players can retreat to when the action gets a little too intense and a change in strategy is necessary.

Another huge takeaway from patch 2 is the fact that empowered demons have been adjusted. If you’re not familiar, this is a new feature that was added in the first patch that cycles demons from one player’s campaign to another. So every time a player is killed, the demons become more powerful.

According to patch 2, these empowered demons will appear more frequently. So you can just imagine how much more difficult Doom Eternal’s campaign will be. However, the greater the threat, the greater the reward. Successfully killing an empowered demon gives players access to extra ammo, health, and bonus XP.

These are just some of the major improvements that have been made from the developer. If you want the full list, you can head on over to Bethesda’s official website.

Just like patch 1, patch 2 seems like a major improvement for many departments. id Software isn’t looking to rest on the success that the game has already achieved.

They want to continue to progress it in the right ways, even though much of the studio is having to work from home. That matters a lot during these unprecedented times and also means an even better Doom Eternal.

Hopefully the patches keep coming strong and enable players to enjoy all sorts of new content, such as enemies, modes, maps, and guns. There are no limits to how much better this first-person shooter can get.