Bloodborne-Inspired Changes To Doom Include Magical Abilities And Lovecraftian Creatures

Bloodborne-Inspired Changes To Doom Include Magical Abilities And Lovecraftian Creatures

After 28 years since Doom 2’s release, modders are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to play with it. Divine Frequency follows suit by giving the Lovecraftian creatures and magic of the ’90s classic a demonic makeover.

The mod’s description states, “Divine Frequency is set in a dystopian future where visions and truth merge” (thanks, PCGamesN). “A new constant that emerges from integrating the subconscious and the outside world lends credence to anomalies across the terrain. To achieve transcendence, you must face both the tallest mountain and the lowest abyss.”

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With new life, endurance, and defense bars in the upper left corner of the UI, the game now has a more contemporary FromSoftware feel.

Damage indicators now appear on adversaries. Along with inventory space, you also have useable objects that, in the shots, are attached to F and Y. It’s undoubtedly more intricate than the run-and-gun gameplay of id Software.

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The plot revolves around a tiny hamlet that becomes contaminated by a parallel universe, as stated in the synopsis. Like the creatures in Bloodborne, its inhabitants are morphing into monsters from the works of Lovecraft.

With a shotgun and some magical abilities, you are right there in the middle of it all, fending off the invasion.
Genghis Khan 1109 and Hellforge Studios are the creators of all of this, but it hasn’t been released yet.

There is no information on when the full version will be released, but you may already play a one-hour sample for free.

This isn’t simply a Doom mod; as can be seen in the video up top, Doom 2 has been completely converted into a brand-new game. Instead of discovering health packs scattered across rooms and hidden caverns, you’ll be sticking a needle into your chest to prepare you for the upcoming battle. If you’re craving more Doom and cosmic terror, you can check it out for yourself right now.