Doom 4 Vanilla (Doom 16) Travel Back In Time And Pushes The Creative Bar Higher

Doom 4 Vanilla (Doom 16) Travel Back In Time And Pushes The Creative Bar Higher
Credit: The Becoming via YouTube

Finally, Doom 4 Vanilla aka Doom 16, a complete “demake” of Doom 2 is released giving gamers the experience of the first battle at an early age in 1993.

Doom 4 Vanilla is by far the best Doom 4 to Doom adaptation; it is packed with dehacked tricks and compatible with all sorts of source-port (even without them!). Doom 4 vanilla adopts the most fundamental aspects of Is Software’s series reboot while under the limitation of Doom circa 1993.

Most modern mods with classic Doom created with an open-source version considerably upgraded, filled with complex monster AI and messy effects. Doom 4 Vanilla, on the other hand, is devoid of such modern showiness.

Playable on MS-DOS, this gameplay mod gives a full environmental experience of Doom 2016 that traveled back in time to 23 years ago.

Here’s a trailer of Doom 4 Vanilla that includes the Doom 2016’s soundtrack that is covered by MIDI.

This impressive package is created with stunning and vivid vanilla effects and sounds, including blood spats on floors effect, new colormap tint effects, and a custom palette of striking tones.

Doom 4 Vanilla also features new robust weaponry such as the Super Chainsaw that can kill almost any demon and a “glory-killing” punches and weapon.

A whole new refined set of enemy sprints further pushes the creativity level of Doom 2016; the Gore Nest that is connected to the inner depths, the Summoner with insta-move and teleportation power, the Spider Mastermind that is equipped with three attacks that are increasingly dangerous, the huge unpredictable Cyberdemon, the ever-aggressive Cacodemon, and many more.

Aside from the main creator, modder “Noiser” from Doomworld forums, Doom 4 Vanilla is made successful by more than twenty other contributors that bring the Doom engine to its limit with incredible sprites, textures, and audio.

Although most of the complicated process is done by Noiser, some assembly is required to play Doom 4 Vanilla because of its current version uses the pointedly old-school mod (still Windows-based).

To play the Doom 4 Vanilla, all you need to do is download the commercial copy of Doom 2, download the mod from Doomworld, then unpack them and put the Doom 2 Wad file in the same location.

The creator has also prepared a convenient pack of batch files for newcomers to download and set up the Doom 4 Vanilla in no time. The package includes Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom and three great Pwads by Khorus, Eric Almand Crunchynut44 respectively, for mod demonstration.