Pokemon Go Users Reveal The Creatures They Dislike The Most

Pokemon Go Users Reveal The Creatures They Dislike The Most
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Not all Pokemon are adored similarly, despite the wishes of Game Freak and The Pokemon Company. There are a limited few critters that Pokemon Go users just can’t bear, and sometimes the simplest feature might turn someone off of a particular Pokemon.

Nevertheless, users have been talking about the Pokemon that they hate the most, whether it’s because they’re difficult to capture or for some other unique cause that only they can understand.

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The Pokemon Go subreddit’s original question was posted by Redditor Elga bolo, who chose Yanma as their choice because of how swiftly they move from across display and how they always have an orange or red ring.

Even when you do manage to land a PokeBall, they are challenging to capture. Since they also turn to Zubat since it won’t stay still, Redditor Boosted Bastard must empathize with them.

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Other Pokemon Go players are irked more by some Pokemon’s cosmetic flaws, as Redditor RnbwSheep complains about Purrloin and its now-famous standing position. In particular, Historical Egg gets tired of seeing Yungoos everywhere due to their peculiar yellow hair, which makes them think of Donald Trump.

Other Pokemon mentioned in the conversation include Dunsparce and Sudowoodo, mostly due to how oddly tough it is to capture them. Sudowoodo can kick balls back at you and make you appear like a chump.

Similar to Hitmontop, whose little dancing is seen as unsettling by some. Even while Yanma or Zubat may be your favorite Pokemon, just be aware that a player of Pokemon Go is currently somewhere else cursing at the creature for avoiding yet another Pokeball.

A further Pokemon Go-related development is that early next month, the game will make its first-ever appearance at the Pokemon World Championships in London.