Fall Guys Developers Announces Four New Holiday-themed Costumes

Fall Guys Developers Announces Four New Holiday-themed Costumes
Credit: Fall Guys

Mediatonic displayed 4 brand-new outfits concerning Fall Guys in period 3 throughout its social network accounts today. Gamers will certainly have 4 brand-new outfits to unlock.

A brand-new Candlestick outfit was disclosed on Twitter, and also a cheery Reindeer made its launching on Instagram. TikTok followers obtained the very first take a look at the Yeti outfit, and also Discord individuals obtained the initial consider the last outfit, which is an imperial clothing ideal for notable gamers.

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The Candlestick outfit was specifically exposed on Twitter and also provides each personality a one-of-a-kind wax-covered appearance. The top of the outfit includes a lit wick, however, it’s most likely not a fire risk.

The Reindeer costumed was first disclosed on Instagram as well as permits gamers to cosplay as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The outfit consists of the famous red nose, a complete deer attire, as well as a joyful bell around the neck.

TikTok customers obtained the initial consider the Yeti outfit, which includes a complete beard as well as unshaven limbs. The outfit additionally includes a beanie ideal for the winter.

The last outfit was exposed on the main Fall Guys disharmony web server. It includes a distinct headpiece as well as attire that seems like a queen or princess.

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Their official announcement tweet just simply reads, “C A N D L E,” along with all their social media links including Discord. Mediatonic has been communicating well with their fanbase to coordinate on bugs and game improvements. Recently, the developers addressed the start of the game bug which players start off in the air and, as the countdown goes off, players are immediately eliminated from the get-go.

The devs have also teased their fanbase of an upcoming DOOM-related skin for the Fall Guys. The tweet has also received a reply from the official DOOM account as well. The once-dominating game has taken a slope downhill due to other games releasing and players losing interest in its re-playability. The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout channel on Twitch is receiving somewhere in the 5,000 viewers, a far cry from its hype timeline. But with more content and potential partnerships, Mediatonic can turn things around to its glory days.

Mediatonic has actually not exposed the main beginning day of Fall Guys period 3, however, it will likely be quickly, thinking about the brand-new outfits are holiday-themed. The brand-new outfits will certainly more than likely be included in the thing store, so ensure to conserve your crowns so you can acquire the brand-new clothing.