World Of Warcraft’s 16th Anniversary Event Has Begun, Now Through November 22nd!

World Of Warcraft’s 16th Anniversary Event Has Begun, Now Through November 22nd!
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard has had their hands full as the end of the year approaches, with plenty occurring in the World of Warcraft world lately. After having to delay the upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlandsexpansion, the developers kept moving along.

Dropping prepatch – without the Scourge invasion event – kept some fans happy, but there was more to come, with plenty of holiday events dropping. One holiday that happens every November is the birthday of World of Warcraft!

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This year’s November marks the 16th anniversary of the enormous MMORPG! While the event began today, running through to November 22nd, the actual anniversary of release is November 23rd.

Which might beg the question – why release it now, and have it end the day before the actual anniversary? The reason there is simple – the 23rd will be the launch date of the Shadowlandsexpansion, and the buffs of the anniversary would’ve drastically lessened the first-time experience for players!

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So what is there to do while we celebrate this time-traveling holiday? Much of it will be based in the Caverns of Times as a base of operations, but you’ll be able to jump all across Azeroth for a few nostalgia-fueled events!

The first thing that players will notice is the achievement they earn for logging on, which also immediately sends them a package in the mail. In the mail, players will find a thank you from Blizzard, as well as a celebration package with a token that contains a holiday-long 16% buff to experience and reputation gains!

Activating the token will grant this buff, not expiring until the 22nd. Players also receive 150 Timewarped Badges, which can be spent at Timewalking vendors, though there are a few rewards exclusive to this event you might want to farm.

Additionally, players will be able to test their knowledge with one of the NPCs in the Caverns of Time, who grants a daily quest completed by answering a trivia question about Warcraft lore. This NPC will reward you with 5 Timewarped Badges.

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Players also will receive “The Originals,” a quest to kill some of the original world bosses that have harassed players for years and years. This quests tasks player with killing Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and the Dragons of Nightmare, rewarding them with gold and more Timewarped Badges.

This is far from an exhaustive list of activities and benefits to the anniversary event! If you want to see everything the 16th birthday has to offer, get out there and celebrate!