Overwatch League Has Been Announced To Return Sooner Than Previously Conveyed

Overwatch League Has Been Announced To Return Sooner Than Previously Conveyed
Credit: PlayOverwatch via YouTube

Everything is being canceled, from school to game industry events, around the world all in fear of continuing the current exponential bubble of COVID19.  It’s led to a wide variety of sports leagues being canceled, E3, and nearly every form of esport competition that takes place in LAN.

Thus, weekends are suddenly open for fans around the world as there’s simply nothing to watch in terms of organized tournaments and competition.  Granted, it has also allowed everyone’s favorite streamers to begin streaming non stop on Twitch as everyone becomes quarantined against the geriatric-killer virus, so there’s always a silver lining to be found.

One canceled esport league is the Overwatch League as it continues to struggle in a tumultuous climate of change, chance, and opportunity.

The league has continued to steadily decline in popularity in comparison to the first two seasons of the Overwatch League; even comparing current numbers directly to the GOATs meta that, while easy spectating due to the team-fight tactics, became an ever-increasing bore to watch, the numbers were stronger than they are after the switch over to YouTube Gaming Live.

Blizzard has previously announced that all matches were canceled for March and April, much to the chagrin of people desperate to watch anything.  With it came the implication that the league, that was already struggling to make matches occur from the beginning of the Coronavirus spanning the eastern hemisphere, would fall farther behind as many teams simply couldn’t compete due to quarantines.  In a league where there is serious concern about the viability of the current point system with the current pandemic, it seemed to be yet another blow to the Overwatch League.

A special WatchPoint show today, however, had some exciting news for fans of the League.  The Overwatch League is coming back far sooner than previously conveyed, although with one important caveat.  All matches are going to be played online, with matches broken up based on global regions.  It’s all coming back next weekend, on March 21, with the San Francisco Shock battling against the Seoul Dynasty at 1100 EST.

With the region groupings, there is a concern as to how that will play out in regards to the final tournament for the Overwatch League, yet this is admittedly a far better plan of action than simply delaying the entirety of the league for two months.

Using this plan, Blizzard has stated that there likely won’t be a need to extend the season beyond what is originally planned.  All matches will be broadcasted on YouTube Gaming Live, with commentary and the expected slew of advertisements and WatchPoint for the foreseeable future.