What’s Happening To Apex Legends? Season 6 Is Lacking New Content So Far, With Recycled Game Modes And Skins

What’s Happening To Apex Legends? Season 6 Is Lacking New Content So Far, With Recycled Game Modes And Skins
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

It’s almost a month since Apex Legends Season 6 launched, and so far, the game has been devoid of new content. Despite the season’s successful launch – with a new character, weapon, and significant changes to World’s Edge – the devs are obviously struggling to produce content on time.

There were some stirrings in the datamining and general Apex community that a new event would go live in September, but with the recycled Grand Soiree skins and game modes from the start of 2020, players aren’t so sure there is anything planned until at least October.

Take this tweet from @shrugtal, one of the most trustworthy dataminers in the Apex community.

A few weeks ago the date set for the Aftermarket event – the next collection event, supposedly including Caustic’s heirloom – was September 15th. That’s today.

Due to the inclusion of these limited-time modes, recycled from older events, and bringing back some of the now almost year-old Grand Soiree skins, suggests that Respawn is creating a diversion as they delay content into October.

It’s no real surprise that the crossplay (and potential cross-progression) has been delayed, as it’s a sizable bit of work to bring the game to Switch and make it so players can play across different platforms.

Crossplay is very unlikely to arrive without some sort of announcement, so it has been pretty much ruled out as arriving any time soon.

The concerns in the community are more focused on the lack of an event or any new content in the game. Like Season 5, Season 6 may only have one event planned.

Compared to previous seasons, such as this time last year, there were several events throughout. The October Halloween event Shadowfall was one of the best events the game has ever received, and it does appear that event will return in October under the new name “Shadow Royale.”

Understandably, it’s been a difficult year for game developers. Working From Home conditions make it harder to get content out on time, especially without bugs and other issues.

However, there is disquiet in the community as the content is recycled throughout Season 6 and some of the more pressing issues with the game – DDOSed servers, audio glitches, and the still rampant Skill-Based Matchmaking – are still a problem.

Stay tuned later today when it’s clear what is being added today (September 15th) though it’s looking like it’ll be the Armed and Dangerous limited-time mode and some old skins.