Fall Guys Mid-Season Update Goes Live, Introducing Epic’s Anti-Cheat System And The “Big Yeetus”

Fall Guys Mid-Season Update Goes Live, Introducing Epic’s Anti-Cheat System And The “Big Yeetus”
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Fall Guys is still a sensation. This mid-season update reinforces that the game is here to stay, and the team at Mediatonic is committed to improving their game and adding new content.

First up, the cheating problem. It was announced earlier this week on the game’s Twitter page that the devs had devised a cunning plan: they introduced a “Cheater Island” where if you were caught cheating, you’d be sent to that server with all the other cheaters.

In addition, with this mid-season update for Fall Guys comes Epic’s renowned Easy Anti-Cheat. This is the system that has kept Fortnite, one of the largest games in the world for several years running, almost totally free of cheaters. It’s a respected system and should cut down on the cheating in Fall Guys significantly.

Delivered in true Fall Guys fashion was also the news of a new addition to the game, the “Big Yeetus”. It’s currently trending on Twitter, but what is it exactly?

It’s a huge hammer. The hammer appears randomly on levels and yeets players into the void or sends them spiraling forwards on the level. Big Yeetus could be a valid strategy, or it could end your game prematurely.

The Yeetus isn’t the only new addition in terms of content, and apparently it is only the start of new features and facets that Mediatonic wants to add to their popular Battle Royale.

Levels will now change with some RNG per game mode. Certain areas on certain maps will have different objects than your last run through. This will also be new objects entirely, not yet seen before in the Fall Guys universe.

This mid-season update also brings some other changes, as well as news that server crashes and game bugs are still being worked on. One key area is that players should disconnect less between round switches, something that can be quite frustrating if you’re on a good run.

Likewise, better stability has been promised for PS4 players, especially when it comes to creating parties to play Fall Guys with your friends.

Lastly, there have been some small changes to in-game modes, too. The timer for Fall Ball is down from 150 to 120 seconds, just sharpening up the mode. The minimum player count has also been reduced for some levels just to encourage some round variety in the game.

Fall Guys continues to receive updates during its second season!