Root Film Gets Worldwide Release Next Year For PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch

Root Film Gets Worldwide Release Next Year For PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch
Credit: Root Film via YouTube

PQube has announced the worldwide release window for the visual novel game Root Film. The title is a sequel to Root Letter, which was released in 2016. Kadokawa Games returned to develop the murder mystery title.

Along with the release window announcement were further details about a limited edition of the game. Players can pick up Root Film on either the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

Root Film is a visual novel adventure game directed by Hifumi Kono and with characters designed by Taro Minaboshi. A murder interrupts the scouting location process at the “Shimane Mystery Drama Project” for Rintaro Yagumo. After the event, the filming was paused, and things start to spiral out of control.

It’s up to the protagonist Rintaro to gather clues from questioning witnesses, gathering clues, and interrogating characters. If Rintaro gathers enough evidence for a specific person, he can further confront them to find out the truth behind the murder.

Root Film contains visual novel elements with interactive mechanics. Rintaro becomes a detective to investigate the crime. The player has the “Intuition” mechanics to find keywords during conversations. These words will become vital to solving the case. Using “Max Mode,” players can use the selected keywords to face off with a suspect. If Rintaro hasn’t collected enough evidence, he will fail to solve the crime.

A “Zapping” mechanic tells two sides of the Root Film story. This feature reveals the perspective of two characters at the same time. Seeing both sides of the story will reveal the third side – the truth. From there, players will learn about what really happened during the “Shimane Mystery Drama Project.”

The limited-edition version will be released through Rice and Funstock for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Players will receive the base game in a physical case with Limited Edition sleeve artwork, Limited Edition 100 page artbook with a curated blend of environmental scenery, detailed illustrations, in-game captures, and more.

There is no information on when the Limited Edition will ship. If purchasing through Funstock, the website offers worldwide shipping on all items.

The previous game, Root Letter, was first released in 2016. The visual novel was launched on mobile, PC, and the PlayStation Vita. The game follows the mysterious disappearance of Aya, a girl who received a mysterious letter. The game became so popular that an American live-action adaptation was announced in 2018. The movie will have a different take on the game.

Root Film launches on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Q1 2021.