Upcoming Apex Legends Update Will Raise The Level Cap And Add Even More Rewards

Upcoming Apex Legends Update Will Raise The Level Cap And Add Even More Rewards

You have to hand it to Respawn and Apex Legends. They’re still going strong in the battle royale game in the face of the all-consuming Fortnite. Respawn has their dedicated fanbase that they can count on, and that fanbase is getting a nice treat in the upcoming December 3 update for the game.

The most significant part of the update, the one that changes the game in a major way, is the raising of the level cap. Since the game launch, the level cap has been stuck firmly at 100. With the new update, that cap skyrockets to 500, giving dedicated players something to do for the next decade or so.

Along with the cap raise, there are now new level badges and each can be earned every ten levels from 110 all the way up to the 500 cap. If you’re new to the game, the new level cap might seem daunting (which it is), but Respawn has nicely reduced the experience required to reach level 100 by five-percent. That might not sound like a lot, but five-percent of 100 levels worth of XP is a nice chunk. The intention is to help lower level players reach level 100 quickly, so the playing field will be a little more even with the players who have already maxed out.

Respawn is also adding new Apex Pack and Gun Charm awards. As you can imagine with the new level cap, there are a lot of rewards for the taking. Starting from level 1 and going all the way to 500 will net you a grand total of 199 Apex Packs and 36 epic and legendary tier Gun Charms. Everyone’s always after them lucky charms!

You’ll earn a total of 14 Apex Packs and a gun charm between levels 1 and 100, so if you’ve already hit the cap, you’ll retroactively receive all of the rewards once you log on after the update hits. All gun charms that aren’t tied to specific levels will be added to the in-game store.

Apex Legends is currently in season three, where players can check out an all-new map, World’s Edge, test out characters at the new firing range, and play as the brand new character Crypto. I don’t know anything about the new character, but I can pretty confidently say that whoever he or she is, Superman’s dog Krypto could beat them in a one-on-one match. I’ll bet money on it.