Ubisoft Hacked And Private User Data Posted; Hackers Threaten To Leak Watch Dogs: Legion Source Code

Ubisoft Hacked And Private User Data Posted; Hackers Threaten To Leak Watch Dogs: Legion Source Code
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Ransomeware group going by the name Egregor has hacked Ubisoft‘s network, and have posted users data to their website; if you have details saved via uPlay or other Ubisoft channels, now would be a good time to panic ever so slightly and ensure that your information remains as safe as possible.

Interestingly, if you’re one for dark humor, the upcoming video game that focuses on hacking and exploiting insecure data, Watch Dogs: Legion, has been reportedly obtained by the group as well and they’re threatening to leak the source code for the upcoming title.

While it likely doesn’t bear stating, leaking the source code would allow anyone that can obtain the files to compile the software and run it, making the piracy scene score an early copy of the title well before it’s ready for release.

It is currently unknown how Egregor managed to breach the security network, but it’s a red-letter day for anyone working in cybersecurity for the organization.

The group has thus far leaked 20MB of data from Ubisoft and 300 MB of Crytek; threatening to continue to release data unless their demands are met.

It is possible that the group is bluffing, and they only have a small subset of data; whether or not Ubisoft & Crytek wants to take that wager at the moment is up in the air.

ZDNet reported that Egregor only stole data from Ubisoft, while Crytek files have been ‘encrypted fully’. This bears a glance at, as it’s difficult to discern why the group that has access wouldn’t encrypt the files to encourage a full payout soon, rather than piecemealing the title towards the public.

Today (October 16, 2020), if Ubisoft does not acquiesce to the demands of the group, then Egregor will begin leaking the source-code for Watch Dogs: Legion until either the entire title has been offered online, or Ubisoft succumbs to the demands.

This all is a brief and rare glimpse into the cybersecurity headache that has been further expanded during the pandemic as users work from home and share data across unsecured networks due to naivete rather than corporate disillusionment; techs have their work cut out for them in the modern era.

Precisely what stems from this is currently up in the air, although not for too long: if Egregor begins dropping files then we could see the release of Watch Dogs: Legion a bit sooner than intended. It’s currently scheduled for a release date on October 29, 2020, although is coming to the Epic Games Store as yet another purchased exclusive to encourage users to try their store.