Warface Is Still Popular With Gamers Even A Decade After Its First Release; One Of Them Even Pulls Off A Remarkable Shot

Warface Is Still Popular With Gamers Even A Decade After Its First Release; One Of Them Even Pulls Off A Remarkable Shot

A player has demonstrated the game’s playmaking potential by achieving a rare three-kill streak with a single bullet. Warface is not a recent release; its announcement occurred in 2011, and the game’s full version was made available in 2013. Although it was published about a decade ago, the first-person shooter developed by Crytek Studios and Crytek Seoul has earned a large fanbase, and some players continue to perform great plays in battles.

Reddit user “LandOfTheOutlaws” just uploaded footage of a competitive Warface bout. Reddit users’ movie started with them hiding behind some storage containers on what seemed like the Hangar map. Then, after a short pause, they peered out from cover and lined up their sniper’s sights. The next event was, to put it mildly, unexpected.

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LandOfTheOutlaws surveyed the environment while scoped in for danger. Finally, an adversary materialized out of nowhere, standing next to a box. The Warface player didn’t waste any time before firing a shot that hit its target dead on. They hadn’t only killed one enemy, though.

As soon as they made the incredible shot, a message reading “Triple Kill” flashed on the screen, confirming that they had killed three enemies with a single image. The names of the three foes also showed up in the kill feed, adding credence to the unusually bright spot.

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Several commenters on the Reddit thread remarked on the level of expertise required for the show-stopping performance.

LandOfTheOutlaws even said that they probably wouldn’t ever be able to get another triple kill with a single round. But they promised to keep trying anyhow. Also, this incredible video recorded by LandOfTheOutlaws has piqued the interest of some gamers who had previously lost interest. Some even claimed they were curious to see how the first-person shooter genre has evolved.

It’s interesting that years after their initial release, classic first-person shooters like Warface are still popular among players.