Serpent Moon Immediately Feels More Substantial Than Earlier Hunt: Showdown Events

Serpent Moon Immediately Feels More Substantial Than Earlier Hunt: Showdown Events
Credit: gamrant

Following Traitor’s Moon, Serpent Moon is the most recent in-game event in Hunt: Showdown. This new event adds to Hunt’s narrative and gives players many brand-new things to explore.
A new time of day will be added during the event Players must locate snake nests to collect event points.
The event’s specifics and date haven’t been made public yet, but the creators have noted that it will shortly start. The arrival of adversaries and weaponry can be delayed.

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This appears to be another manifestation of the Traitors Moon, which launched in March this year. Players also get to experience a brand-new tale chapter after the tournament and new legendaries, variations, and weaponry.
Serpent Moon immediately feels more substantial than earlier Hunt: Showdown events. The new episode’s pass-like structure, story focus, minor changes to event point accumulation, and weaponry, while maintaining many fundamental mechanics and ideas, give this a more powerful feeling.
The nest can be demolished while still earning the bare minimum of points. However, if you leave the nest alone and investigate it instead, the hunter will score more points and capture more snakes. Snakes can attack the player when exploring the nest and inflict harm and poisoning. In addition, snake hunters can sacrifice their prey at a specific shrine close to the boss’s lair. All snakes discovered in this situation will be converted into event points.
Luckily, that won’t be for quite some time: Serpent Moon offers two full months of sickly green moon activity from July 27 to September 26. You’ll be able to gather a variety of new goodies during that time, such as equipment skins for the new Sparks pistol, the Snakeshot skin, and the Snake Oil Ward antidote shot skin.
The event involves collecting and sacrificing snakes found in snake baskets – you can either destroy these or risk getting bitten by fishing the venomous serpents out from inside. Once collected, the snakes can be sacrificed at special altars found around the map to earn event points.