Tormentor Comes From The Developer Madmind Studio For A Brand New Horror Expereince

Tormentor Comes From The Developer Madmind Studio For A Brand New Horror Expereince
Credit: Steam XO

From the twisted studio that brought fans, Agony and Succubus come a brand new horror title that they are excited to announce. Tormentor is a new torture themed game headed for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X consoles. Players will have to question their own morality before diving deeper into this unique picture.

This horror title allows players to become a torturer in a vacant prison. Take on an unthinkable role as you fight against a growing mental illness. To cure their sickness they must show creativity when torturing victims as they gather spectators on varying live streams spread across the dark web.

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Tormentor is designed for next-generation devices. As you torture innocent victims for money, you can expand your prison and buy new victims all in an effort to save yourself. Become less creative and the audience will no longer want to fund your sickening operation.

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You are a ruthless tormentor who manages an abandoned prison. All of your victims, sentenced to death by your hands. Fight your own mental illness as you slowly lose your memories, and begin to faint. Your only salvation is the criminals found on the dark web who can keep your mind calm and controlled.

You control the prison among the ruins of an ancient temple. Create opportunities for a hellish labyrinth and watch as your victims desperately try to escape. Create traps, puzzles, and more that can give you the advantage while your prey try to get away and escape.

After each round players must find the best deals as they add new torture tools to their hellish domain. Satisfy your sponsors, win darker contracts, and continue to find peace of mind by following through.

To make this even more interesting, you get to customize your victims. Name them, select tone of voice, add detailed decsiptions, and then conduct live streams of their torure experience.

This is a dark and grueling title that pushes the boundaries of what a game should allow. While keeping everything within a work of fiction, the title allows for darker impulses to surface as it drives a deeper belief.

This title is only for mature audiences. Frequent violence, gore, and mature content are within this title. Be careful, as this game holds a deeper horror not exactly known immediatly.

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Tormentor has no release date as of yet. This title is only one of many Madmind Studio creations that push the boundaries of horror and make players encounter situations they would never dream of.