Dungeon Shooter: The Forgotten Temple Is Being Given Away Free On Google Play For A Limited Time

Dungeon Shooter: The Forgotten Temple Is Being Given Away Free On Google Play For A Limited Time
Credit: Pryszard Android iOS Gameplays via Youtube

Dungeon Shooter: The Forgotten Temple is free on Google Play Store until October 8th. This title is a 3D first-person shooter mixed with RPg mechanics. Although it lacks a lot in looks, it makes up for in style as it is based on classic shooter and dungeon crawling games. For many fans, it has a very Might and Magic feel, if of course Might and Magic had guns.

As for the game experience, players will get to travel through a tomb and dungeon as they hunt creatures and find treasure. This is a classic style game that will challenge players to test their mettle in its trange and classic design.

This title takes advantage of a wide spread of RPG and gaming elements. Players will find mechanics for artifacts, runes, guns, pets, and elements all mixed into a rather strange blend of styles.

Most fans find fun in killing the strange bosses within the title, and collecting various rewards. Still, combat can be a difficult process is players do not seek out gemstones and lower the power of the bosses.

Gain new weapons by killing bosses, and dive deeper into the title by exploring the varying dunegon levels. Going deeper begs better rewards but threatens more dangerous foes.

There is also a part of the game that mixes in the collection of DNA. Using DNA, players can talk to Dr. Yeyna and create new pets. DNA and life genes mix together to create unique animal companions that can accompany players on their varying adventures.

Artifacts are another major part of this title. Players gain artifacts throughout the dungeon which can be used to increase attributes, gain abilities, and help overcome the dangers of this title.

As a mobile release, this game is an instant reminder to classic PC gaming. It is blocky, the models look strange, and players are sure to have a blast with some classic RPG functionality.

If this were to release on PC, it would probably flop but as a mobile release, it can see new life as fans get a wide taste of a never ending dungeon of experiences.

Dungeon Shooter: The forgotten Temple is available on Android and iOS stores for free until October 8th. After that the title will be sold for $1.49 to any interested fans. this is a unique title and players of classic PC games are sure to fall in love with its graphics and concept.