PARANOID Is A New Title From Madmind Studio That Takes Players To The Depths Of Horror

PARANOID Is A New Title From Madmind Studio That Takes Players To The Depths Of Horror
Credit: Steam XO

PARANOID is a new horror experience set in the 1980s from indie developer Madmind Studio. The developer has released a brand new trailer with some new information about their upcoming horror survival game. This title is a first-person experience that mixes brutal combat with a psychological story.

This is a title designed with next-gen hardware in mind. The game features raytracing, 4k resolution, and a thrilling story that dives deep into mental illness. Players play as Patrick, a man who struggles with voices in his head that push him to do the unthinkable in a desperate battle for sanity.

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In PARANOID, Patrick has been living in isolation for many years. Out of the blue, he receives a phone call from his sister who announces her visit despite disappearing more than a dozen years ago. This sparks a ghoulish and dark encounter with Patrick’s worst nightmares.

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This unique first-person horror experience will place players in Patrick’s shoes. After a family tragedy, the death of his parents, he has lived in the same apartment and struggled with addiction and mental problems. The only living relative, his sister, sparks a nightmarish experience as Patrick battles his life of isolation.

The game is set in the 80s which gives players a limited level of gameplay possibilities and immerses them in realistic locations. Witness frightening and hostile creatures, witness brutal scenes of murder, and learn the truth of what happened in your traumatic past.

This horror experience is intense as seen in the trailer. The developer’s attention to detail, storytelling skill and realistic graphics give this a unique blend of realism and insanity. As players explore deeper into the narrative, they will slowly fall victim to the same fears that plague Patrick in his everyday life.

This is the same development team that worked on Succubus. Based on the graphics and detail, the game is most likely using a similar engine which will be giving the gore a near-real feel while simultaneously exceeding the expectations of fans.

This is an intense horror experience that should be left to only mature audiences. The game has high impact horror themes, violence, sexualized violence, sex, and nudity in it. This is a development team that does not hold back in depicting the worst acts imaginable in a virtual space.

For more information feel free to explore the Steam page, developer website, and further trailers.

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PARANOID is planned to release sometime in the future, but as of now there is no hard date set for the game’s full arrival.