Loop Hero Is An Old-School Strategy RPG Headed To Steam 2021

Loop Hero Is An Old-School Strategy RPG Headed To Steam 2021
Credit: Loop Hero Steam XO

Devolver Digital and indie developer Four Quarters are announcing their upcoming hero adventure titled Loop Hero. This unique adventure is inspired by old school style games and introduces players to an endless time loop of chaos and destruction. Become a hero and save the many inhabitants of the loop from utter chaos.

Players will have to go on a classic style adventure where they must slowly piece together the memory of their hero. Discover the truth behind the time loop, defeat the evil lich, and reveal even deeper secrets of this unique and compelling classic style adventure.

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An evil lich has come to the world and thrown everything into a timeless loop. This has destroyed towns, lives, and more as it sends all of the inhabitants into a world of never-ending chaos. Using a deck of mystical cards, players can place enemies, buildings, and terrain along unique tracks creating an adventure path for brave heroes to follow.

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This is a game of exploration, luck, and battle. As you slowly expand your deck you will uncover powerful loot for each class of hero. Alongside gear, expand your survivor game and reinforce the adventure as you continue to battle through the loop in an endless cycle of quest, adventure, and despair.

This title provides fans with an infinite adventure full of unlockable character classes, deck cards, and more. Journey across a randomly generated loop path that makes every expedition a unique journey for players.

Plan your journey carefully as you strategically place building, terrain, and enemy cards along the path. Find a balance between friendly loot and intense combat scenarios as you find and recover equipment to bring back to camp.

Loot the void and upgrade your camp and hero as you try to become strong enough to take on the lich and end the curse. This is an epic quest with a big bad evil guy, a triumphant hero, and a village that needs saving.

Fight through guardian bosses at each level that will get you close to the Lich. Once you break the time loop, you can end the madness and return the world back to a simple and true existence.

This is an epic quest that fits players of all ages. Prepare for adventure, and enter into the infinite time loop of destiny and destruction.

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Loop Hero is set to release early in 2021. There is no official release date set as of yet, but this game looks now only simple, but classic and enjoyable to any retro fan.