Labyrinth of Legendary Loot Is A New Turn-Based Dungeon Adventure

Labyrinth of Legendary Loot Is A New Turn-Based Dungeon Adventure
Credit: Labyrinth of Legendary Loot

Hidden among the many files of is a secret gem that has just been released. From indie studio Dominaxis Games, comes a simple turn-based roguelike adventure that is quickly charming audiences. Labyrinth of Legendary Loot is a tactical puzzle as players will need to figure out the best way to solve each room without taking absurd amounts of damage.

Players start as an adventure with nothing but a sword and a dream. Quickly, they must defend into the deepest level of the Labyrinth as they travel across the unique thresholds of death. This is the first title from the developer, and they are selling with a Name Your Price model. This title can be found on PC and Android devices.

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Enter a labyrinth of loot as you explore a unique world focused on tactical combat. Each room plays like a puzzle as players must use their tools and abilities to overcome a unique set of trials. Examine the situation and find the best way to defeat all the enemies without taking too much damage and experiencing death.

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Play as an adventurer who loots each room and find unique abilities and tools. Descend deeper into the dungeon and defeat the hideous demon lord to win the game. Only those who are brave and tactical enough to survive the dungeon can survive the demon lord’s final confrontation.

Your class is based on your equipment. As you equip new items you will find new abilities and stats. There are no levels, experience, or grinding in this game. Simply equip the right tools and enjoy a unique and evolving game experience.

Each playthrough will only last about an hour or two. Considering this game is rather lethal, the most likely result of any expedition is death. Find new ways to explore each level and prologue your adventure on the next run.

The game runs on streamlined and simple mechanics. Use only 3 basic stats, some extra abilities, and an attack button. Any RPG veteran will breeze through the controls, but struggle as it is a tactical challenge.

Enjoy randomized levels, hundreds of unique items, and over fifty modifiers that can be randomized every time. This game ensures that each run is different and unique for the player.

Do note that this title is great for all ages. As a possibly free game, players can enjoy countless dungeon adventures in a unique pixel environment.

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Labyrinth of Legendary Loot can be found on and Android devices.