Stressout Is A VR Destruction Game Coming To Steam December 10th

Stressout Is A VR Destruction Game Coming To Steam December 10th
Credit: Stressout

Experience stress in a new way as players can unleash their violent tendencies in a unique and thrilling destruction simulation. From developer VRmadillo comes the destruction simulator Stressout. This title will be launching onto Steam Early Access December 10th and be a VivePort release on December 14th.

Stressout allows players a chance to rain havoc and destruction on stressful moments of time. Rather than simply taking it, destroy each environment that can cause daily stress on the modern player. Release frustration, find relaxation and explore a strange and surreal environment that mimics reality.

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Not all is fun and games in Stressout. Players must race against time and evil as they destroy everything they can thanks to an evil AI living on their wristwatch. Use weapons, superpowers, and more as you destroy everything and attempt to escape the world of mayhem.

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This is your chance to destroy everything around you. Beat things into the walls, break things, and get pissed as you enjoy a liberating environment that can score your destructive impulses.

This is a great chance to release some extra stress in a VR simulation. Rather then hiring things in the real world, these digital props are ready to be battered, bruised, and abused as they are tossed across rooms and hit with bats.

Enjoy a shifting experience as you earn more rewards by causing more destruction. The more upgrades you earn the more options you have for destroying things.

Scattered around this title are hidden areas and secrets. Simply find them for even more bonuses. Thanks to the developer’s design, this is a game that is easy to walk away from as it is to pick up and play. Experience a no-commitment game time as you break apart different worlds and environments.

This title puts finger tracking to use. Enjoy multi-finger tracking on index controllers allowing you the use of intuitive gestures within the title. Just be sure to use it for the right reasons while venting out a little extra stress.

This is planned to be an Early Access release in December. Enjoy a building experience as the developers continue to shift and build towards a brighter and more enjoyable game experience.

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Interested fans can find Stressout on Steam as of December 10th and on Viveport as of December 14th. Enjoy a unique opportunity to destroy worlds, environments, like never before. For more information explore the developer’s website and truly experience what it means to embrace stress in a VR reality with Stressout.