Minecraft Live: A Virtual Version Of Minecon That Promises A Huge Update And Allows Players To Pick The Next Mob

Minecraft Live: A Virtual Version Of Minecon That Promises A Huge Update And Allows Players To Pick The Next Mob
Credit: Minecraft via YouTube

Minecraft is an incredibly popular game that has seen a massive boost in popularity; this massive boost in popularity is best showcased in the active monthly player base from 126 million monthly players to up to 132 million monthly players.

This increase could be due to the Quarantine and the Pandemic that the world is currently experiencing. These new players may have been willing to make the trip to Minecon but now are currently unable to enjoy this unique convention.

Mojang Studios has stated before that they plan to have a different type of experience in Minecraft, But if players don’t want to wait for Minecraft Live, then they should watch and enjoy the series that Mojang studios have been producing about creating Minecraft.

Mojang Studios released The Minecraft Live Announcement trailer that is designed to let players know the necessary information while not giving away too much information regarding the new event. The trailer told the viewers that this event would take place on October 3rd.

If anyone wants to join and watch Minecraft Live, then they can watch on virtually any device, including Phones, Tablets, PCs, and game consoles. This will allow virtually any player to view this fantastic event and look to see any updates that Mojang Studios has planned for Minecraft.

This trailer sees a baby zombie chasing around a baby chicken to ride the chicken, which may showcase a new mob that may be part of the illager’s tribe.

This Mob is significantly different when compared to other illagers. This Mob seems to be more magical, having beams of purple light coming from the book that they seem to always have in their possession.

This trailer promises that during this event, larger updates will be released or announced for Minecraft. Sadly, no other information regarding what these updates may change about the game of Minecraft.

This trailer also states that the players and viewers will be able to vote on the next Minecraft mob, which allows players to be involved in the development of Minecraft. Players of Minecraft may want to watch this new event to be able to add their input into Mobs.

As a Minecraft player, I’ll be watching and putting my vote into my custom mobs or maybe begging Mojang to add in Mobbo. The Mob that was created during the How We Make Minecraft.