Minecraft Dungeons’s Creeping Winter DLC Plans To Add A Variety Of Mobs

Minecraft Dungeons’s Creeping Winter DLC Plans To Add A Variety Of Mobs
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Dungeons has risen through the popularity of both the PC and Nintendo Switch eShop. On the Nintendo Switch eShop, Minecraft dungeons were the #1 game for over three months, which is a significant achievement for any recently released game. Minecraft Dungeons is about to get a significant update/DLC, which will add a variety of different items, mobs, and levels.

Some of the mobs include the Frozen Zombie, Icy Creeper, Polar Bear, and even a variant to the standard called the Wrecked Wraith.

The Frozen Zombie looks and acts very similar to the standard Zombie, but has a few substantial changes like how it can attack the player from a distance using snowballs as well as having a melee attack.

The design of Frozen Zombie is also slightly different, having snow throughout the skin and clothes of the mobs. Sadly, The health and the attack power of the mob has yet to be released, but it is suspected to have similar health and attack powers to the original zombies.

The Icy Creeper is also an ice variant to a mob already implemented in Minecraft Dungeons. Unlike the standard Creeper, the Icy Creeper emits snowflakes from its body, and a freezing sound can be heard when the bluish explosion takes place.

The overall design of the Icy Creeper is the same as the standard Creeper besides the snowflakes that are emitting from its body.

The Polar Bear mob is the first neutral mob showcased on this list; from the little information that we’ve been given about these upcoming mobs, the Polar Bears will usually be found wandering around the level and only attack the player when provoked.

When provoked by the player, the Adult Polar Bear will charge at them and maul the player with its claws. An interesting fact is that baby Polar Bears are always passive instead of being neutral, like its adult counterpart.

The Wretched Wraith is possibly the final boss fo the Creeping Winter DLC; this mob is stated to be found within the Lonely Fortress within the upcoming Creeping Winter DLC.

The Wretched Wraith is a Wraith with small purple markings around the hood and ice-tipped hands, and an ice crown; on top of the head of this mob is a glowing purple orb, which is called Orb of Dominance.

These mobs will be an exciting addition to the game of Minecraft Dungeons!