Mad Experiments: Escape Room Now Available In Steam Early Access

Mad Experiments: Escape Room Now Available In Steam Early Access
Credit: Mad Experiments via Steam

Canadian development studio PlayTogether Studio has released Mad Experiments: Escape Room on to Steam Early Access. The puzzle game can be played alone or with up to six other players.

Mad Experiments: Escape Room is an online escape room, where players must collect clues and solve various puzzles to escape. All of the sessions have a one-hour time limit.

The game may sound similar to real-life escape rooms, where players are put into a team with friends or strangers to escape the room within a set time-limit. The popularity of these puzzle rooms has brought the tense experience worldwide.

In Mad Experiments: Escape Room, the game takes place within the mysterious mansion of Professor Cheshire. As the game progresses, players will learn more about the professor and his human mind experiments.

Players can experience the immersive and intense escape room scenario online within the safety of their homes. A team of up to six players must rush to collect clues, solve various puzzles, and unlock the secrets of the escape room within a limited amount of time: one hour. Players have to work together to escape the room and make it out alive. There’s plenty to uncover in each room, but not every item will prove useful.

The Early Access features the first room, while the second room is planned for release in June. The new room will be added to the game for free. Players who join the developer’s Discord or Newsletter will get a chance to win a free key. Players can join PlayTogether Studio on its official Discord server to give feedback and suggestions for the game.

The final version is planned to have more rooms, puzzles, languages, full story arc with voiceover, and a “Relax Mode” that allows players to explore without a time limit. The mode will offer new players a way to ease into the series without feeling pressured by the one-hour time limit.

The development studio, PlayTogether Studio, was founded by a single person named Clement Marthe, who previously worked in the video game industry but left for the creative freedom to make the games they wanted.

The full game is planned to be released after the second room launches, which is around May or June. The price of the full game will remain the same as the Early Access edition.

Mad Experiments: Escape Room is available in Steam Early Access now.