Madmind Studio Announces Isolation Horror Game Paranoid For PC

Madmind Studio Announces Isolation Horror Game Paranoid For PC
Credit: Paranoid via Steam

Madmind Studio has announced its newest title, Paranoid. The game announcement was followed by a new trailer. The title will release exclusively for Steam, and there are no plans for a console launch.

Paranoid tells the story of 31-year-old Patrick Calman during the 1980s. He is a man who has lost his entire family under mysterious circumstances. His parents passed away after a violent event, and his sister has gone missing. The trauma of the events has destroyed Patrick’s psyche, and his apartment became his temporary prison.

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One day, Patrick receives a mysterious phone call. The caller sounds like his missing sister. Thirteen painful years after her disappearance, she announces she is coming back.

Patrick is surprised by the call but also wants to see his long-lost sister. He decides to leave his life of seclusion. However, in leaving, he exposes himself to the horrible experience that may drive him to madness.

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Paranoid was developed with next-gen hardware in mind. The game features raytracing and 4K resolution. The trailer showcases some of the features, such as the city Patrick has to venture through, but the voices in his head that threaten to force him into undesirable situations.

While the game is an FPS survival horror game, there is combat. The game features a dynamic and brutal combat system against terrifying opponents. Paranoid combines an intense plot with psychological horror, plus action and survival.

The game contains a realistic visual setting. Patrick constantly struggles against paranoia and reality. But the developer warns there are some drug-abusing gameplay mechanics, so players should take caution.

Paranoid offers cinematic cutscenes between the action. Depending on the actions players make, there are three endings.

Throughout the game, Patrick will be a witness to the horrible murders. Only by facing his trauma will he unravel the truth about his horrible past and perhaps change his future.

Madmind Studio combines the talents of several who have previously worked in the gaming industry. The company is also working on additional titles on Steam that are coming in the future. They include Tormentor, where players take on the role of a merciless torturer, and Succubus, where players become a demonic priestess who uses her unique skills to take revenge against her enemies.

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Paranoid will launch exclusively for Steam in the near future.