Torchlight 3’s Winter Update Was Just Highlighted In A Recent Trailer, Which Introduces New Content

Torchlight 3’s Winter Update Was Just Highlighted In A Recent Trailer, Which Introduces New Content
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Torchlight 3 has been a solid addition to the action-role playing series. It has a lot of good systems that keep players busy, whether it’s collecting epic loot or going on adventures with friends through the beautiful lands of Novastraia.

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If you’ve enjoyed this RPG since the beginning, you know it has gradually gotten better with consistent patches and content updates. A new one was just teased — as a matter of fact — in a trailer and it’s scheduled for December.

The main takeaway is winter-themed content. That includes icy defenses and attacks like shields of ice and raining ice crystals that seemingly fall from the heavens. Winter is upon us and what better way to bring in December than with a winter update for Torchlight 3?

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The trailer also provides brief details on new pets, including a majestic winter owl. Torchlight players have come to expect new weapons and pets with every major update and this latest one seems packed full of appropriately-themed winter content.

A rework of The Forged class also will be introduced in this update. According to patch notes from the developer, the class will play much differently as to make it a more viable option for players. That includes new elements in the HUD and new skills.

Other noteworthy things being added in this update are some fort cosmetics. They give players the chance to personalize their forts as they see fit, which has gone over pretty well with the Torchlight community.

If you want a complete breakdown of the Winter update, you can check out the developer notes on the game’s website. There are clearly a lot of things to hold fans over throughout this holiday season. It’s the developer’s way of saying thanks and keeping returning players excited about the potential of Torchlight 3 as it matures every month.

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The game is still relatively young and has plenty of room to grow yet heading into 2021. Echtra Inc. has listened to what fans have complained about and they plan on doing more of the same. Bugs have been removed and the seasonal content keeps this game’s momentum going strong. Let’s see if they can keep it up.

And if you want a sneak peak of this winter update as to hold you over until its December release, you can enjoy the most recent trailer. Its icy themes couldn’t have come at a better time for a fun, approachable RPG.