Torchlight 3 Has A New Trailer Out Now That Breaks Down Classes And Much More

Torchlight 3 Has A New Trailer Out Now That Breaks Down Classes And Much More
Credit: Play Torchlight via YouTube

Torchlight 3 has been in Early Access since June of 2020. It has thus far received mixed reviews. There are gamers that fall on the side of the game being a bit too predictable. Others have said the progression system is lacking.

This was back when the game was free-to-play, which can go one of two ways. Either this type of game receives a lot of fanfare because it includes a lot of premium content for nothing or it has a lot of hiccups because the developer isn’t able to realize the title’s full potential.

The game is still in Early Access, but Echtra Inc. has rehauled the game to account for some of the negative comments from the community. It’s not perfect, but the game has improved in a lot of ways. That’s pretty clear based on a new trailer that came out, which breaks down the different elements that players can look forward to in this action-adventure RPG.

In the trailer, we’re first re-introduced to the different classes that will be available at launch. If you’ve already had the chance to play this game, you know what you’re getting. For those that might be new to the franchise or picking up this game for the first time, there are a total of four. Each one is geared towards a particular playstyle and can be customized in distinct ways.

Whichever character and class you select, players can go the light or dark path. Both have consequences and rewards so choose wisely. A couple of other classes are shown, but one that steals the show is The Forge. It’s a hybrid class that marries mid-range attacks with deadly blows up close.

No matter what type of playstyle you prefer, Torchlight 3 can support it. More classes being available might be nice, but as the game continues to mature, you can bet the developer will see where there are vacancies and fill them accordingly.

Relics are the next topic of discussion in the trailer, which highlight special powers that look particularly unique based on the combat sequences shown. You can take an offensive approach with them, laying down incredible strikes from above. Or, you can use them as a way to shield your character and companion from attacks.

Torchlight 3 didn’t start development so smoothly, but based on the rehaul, it could still attract a wide audience and do well when it officially releases. We’ll see.