Team17’s The Survivalists Lands On PC, Consoles, And Apple Arcade On October 9

Team17’s The Survivalists Lands On PC, Consoles, And Apple Arcade On October 9
Credit: The Survivalists via Steam

During the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, Team17 unveiled the follow-up title to The Escapists called The Survivalists. The game has been in development since the reveal. Recently, the developer formally announced the release date for PC and consoles. The Survivalists will also launch on iOS but as an Apple Arcade exclusive for now.

The Survivalists is a survival and crafting game that can be played alone or with up to four players. In co-op mode, players work together to survive. There are helpful items to scrounge for on the island. Once crafted together, they form weapons, tools, or even buildings to protect from the elements.

Players can enlist the help of monkeys to accomplish a variety of tasks. These creatures can go so far as to protect players and their friends or assist in gathering resources across the island.

An important part of the game is exploring the island. Players who take the time to explore their surroundings can find interesting secrets. However, the island does have some dangers, such as aggressive wildlife and mythical enemies.

The island itself has day and night cycles and a procedurally generated wilderness, with a variety of biomes. Each island is unique to every player. While out and about on the island, players will receive various quests. A “Mysterious Stranger” also resides on the island who will make unusual requests.

Players can hunt for more hard-to-find items like swords by entering labyrinths. These mazes are difficult to survive because of the raiders but have rewards that are worth the effort.

There are two versions of The Survivalists available: the standard edition and digital deluxe version. The deluxe edition allows players to receive three days into the Early Beta and 10% off the launch price. They’ll also receive the Monkey Business DLC, original soundtrack, and a digital artbook.

Those who pre-order the game before the game launches will receive bonus items. The items include the Monkey Business DLC pack, which contains additional accessories like the exclusive Straw Hat, The Escapists Guard Hat, and Unicorn Hat. Players will receive six additional hats for their monkey companions, such as the Top Hat, Lumberjack Hat, Chef Hat, Crown, Hard Hat, and Pirate Hat.

Ahead of the game’s release is a free demo on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch. The demo will allow players to decide early on if they want to purchase the game.

Players who want to learn more about the game and learn about the development can follow Team17 on social media or join their official Discord server. The Discord server will also serve as another outlet to find others to join through online multiplayer.

The Survivalists launches in the Apple Arcade, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on October 9.